what it means to think differently through equitable business

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Triple Bottom Line

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Our vision is to care for our employees beyond what is typical. Companies who join the collective are on board with a comprehensive care package that extends not only to our employees but their families and communities.

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Reimagining our world’s future will take a shared sense of urgency from countries, businesses, and individuals. We are committed to inspire and enable employees to promote environmental sustainability within the workplace, home, and community.

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Traditional businesses are measured by the financial success of their company. While it remains a priority, being a successful business to us means financial success is equally as important as our impact on people and the planet.

B Corporations

The B Corp movement is here to change our economic system — and to do so we have to change the rules of the game. The vision for B Corps is to realize a vision of an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy that works for everyone. Ingage Partners, a Revision Portfolio company was founded as a B Corp. Inspired by this narrative, Revision Collective was created to bring more companies into the fold shifting how we think about what success in business looks like.

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Our Impact

We believe that together, we can have a greater impact in our communities. Since each of our portfolio companies operate independently, the community impact goals look different. One program we have all adopted is employee paid volunteer time off. One of our portfolio companies donates 3% of its revenue to community causes. While another one has an annual immersive community day. How will you be the change?