the value of a holding company and how employee ownership may help you secure the future of your business

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What is an ESOP?

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan(“ESOP”) is an employee benefit plan that provides employees with an ownership interest in the company they work for. ESOP is a qualified retirement plan. Each and every employee owner is directly rewarded for their commitment, hard work and loyalty to the company.



Collective Voice

When employees feel like they have a collective voice, research shows increased employee engagement, decreased turnover, increased margins and profits. Together, you can shape the future with a common vision.


Operational Independence

Protects the company’s legacy and maintains operational independence.



Employee Ownership rewards and protects the interest of employees while being a wise succession planning tool.


Tax Benefits

ESOP structures allows for multiple tax advantages for corporations and employees since it is a qualified retirement plan.

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How We Add Value

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Shared Vision

Creating a place where highly engaged employees can be part of building thriving communities is at the center of our existence. Our success together will be measured by our impact on people and planet as much as profit.

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Financial Strength

Our original portfolio business, Ingage Partners, was bootstrapped. Our team understands the challenges and investment required to get to the next level. The financial stability and cash position we have achieved will be used to help you grow.

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Shared Services

Our team brings proven tools and best practices to provide HR/Payroll, Finance, Accounting and Marketing services to our portfolio companies. By leveraging these systems and processes you can focus on your core business objectives.

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Thriving Culture

A thriving company culture improves the overall well-being and satisfaction of employees. Being part of an organization that measures its success across a triple-bottom line (people, planet, and profit) will enhance your culture.

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Management and IT consulting is a core strength of our leadership team. If your challenges as a business can be overcome by technology or process improvement, our team can help.

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ESOP Administration

Converting to Employee Ownership is costly with adoption and administration complex. By joining our existing ESOP, your costs are greatly reduced and the burden of administration can be left to us.