understand what it looks like to begin considering joining the collective

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The Ideal Partner


Services Based

An ideal partner should be a services based business. We are open to exploring conversations in a variety of industries.


$0.5M - 5M in Revenue

We can add the most value to organizations of this size.


Strong Financial Management

Being an Employee Owned business, we expect the highest level of accountability and transparency when it comes to our finances. It's important your business has demonstrated this and is committed to ensuring high financial management standards.


Shared Vision

We believe that we are better together. Our vision is to Inspire conscious leadership to elevate better business. If you share this vision, let's connect!

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The Process

1. Explore

The first step is getting to know each other. This exploratory phase will allow us to learn more about each other, share ideas, and determine if we are in alignment with our values.

2. Conceptualize

This is where we dig a little deeper into the specifics and map out how we mobilize our ideas into a plan including concepts like level of investment, valuation, timing, future operating model, key roles, the pace of change, etc.

3. Letter of Intent

Once the concept is agreed upon, the plan is turned into an LOI which is a non-binding agreement between the two parties.

4. Due Diligence

Once the LOI is signed, together we will explore deeper level information before committing to the purchase.

5. Conversion

When the due diligence period is over and legal agreements are executed, the process is complete and we’re ready to make an impact together.

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